Hoằng Pháp v3.0

About Charity
We are always looking for feedback to improve the charitable program . If you have participated in charitable programs and have questions , feedback , error reports , suggestions, or any other issues specific to a particular program , please send information to us : tuthien@hoangphap.vn

About the lecture
If you have any questions related to the lecture content , technical problems or the registration process , please login through the heart of our support . Hotro@hoangphap.vn

Please visit our media I / press page for more information .
For any media or press inquiries , please contact us at tintuc@hoangphap.vn

We have made every effort to comply with copyright laws in making the same lectures , charity program , but you need to have a copyright concern , please contact banquyen @ hoangphap . VN

Email : lienhe@hoangphap.vn
Website : www.hoangphap.vn
Phone : 046.299.5555
Office work : Duy Tan , Cau Giay , Ha Noi

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